From the man who voted Derek Jeter 6th MVP

I suppose his lack of insight shouldn’t be a surprise at this point. Take a quick peek at Joe Cowley’s opinion of Joe Crede’s new one-year deal:

The White Sox would like to think their contract agreement with Joe Crede on Tuesday brought them one year closer to a multiyear deal.

Reality, however, is that the sides likely have moved one year closer to parting ways.

To whom in the White Sox organization is Cowley referring, exactly? I don’t think the White Sox front office has that mentality at all. I think they’re trying to shop Crede to make room for Josh Fields. In fact, I thought it was a foregone conclusion at this point. However, that notion seems to be lost on Cowley:

That’s also why the Sox drafted third-base prospect Josh Fields in the first round in 2004, giving them an insurance policy.

No, Joe, they drafted Josh Fields because they thought he’d be a good baseball player, not as an insurance policy. Why would any team use the draft as an insurance policy? Doesn’t it make sense to have established players as insurance for your draft picks, since one out of every like, 250 (and I may be undershooting that) minor leaguers makes it into the bigs?


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