Thursday Quickies

Giants thinking of walking away from Bonds deal. It would be the smart move, so suffice it to say Bonds will be in a Giants uniform for 2007.

Braves swap LaRoche for Pirates Gonzalez. Normally, I’d dedicate a full post to this. However, this rumor has been mentioned nearly every day since the Winter Meetings, so everything that can be said has been. The big deal: the Pirates’ inclusion of shortstop prospect Brent Lillibridge. Note to Dave Littlefield: Jack Wilson is not a good player. You just traded away an upgrade. Your team is going to finish last in the NL Central.

Padres make offer to David Wells. His options: sunny San Diego or Toronto. Beaches and babes, or heavy income tax and cheese fries? Facing Juan Pierre to start a game, or facing Johnny Damon? Gee…

Mariners sign closer J.J. Putz to three-year deal. Heh, Putz. Like, “shopping BJ’s wholesale,” this will never get old.

Chris Capuano to earn $3.25 million. This makes Wayne Krivsky seem that much dumber.

Mark Prior asks for raise after making nine starts in 2006. Only in baseball can a guy make more money the year after performing 36 percent worse than an average player at his position.


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