Washington: Sosa not a lock for the team, but I want to bat him fifth

To me, Sammy Sosa–in his current form–is a lot like Kevin Federline. He’s a constant pest, yet you know that if everyone just ignores him, he’ll go away. Unfortunately, some people just can’t stay away. Nationwide, for example, decided it wise to use Federline in a commercial during the Super Bowl, which will extend his stay in Hollywood at least another month. Likewise, Jon Daniels thought it an astute move to sign Sammy Sosa to a minor league, incentive laden deal, which will extend his stay in Major League Baseball at least through March.

He’s not a lock to make the team, though, at least according to manager Ron Washington, via Dallas Morning News writer Richard Durrett:

Rangers manager Ron Washington and hitting coach Rudy Jaramillo caution that Sammy Sosa won’t be awarded a roster spot simply based on a resume that includes 588 career home runs.

That’s a good outlook, since 574 of those home runs were hit before 2005; it’s now 2007. In fact, you relate the Sosa charade to Jon Daniels playing craps all night: it’s a relatively modest investment with a slim chance of actually paying off. And according to Baseball Prospectus, Sammy doesn’t project so well. NOTE: I am not saying PECOTA is the great predictor; I’m just saying that he doesn’t project well.

Too bad Washington has a case of diarrhea of the mouth:

Washington said Wednesday if Sosa can prove that he’s close to recapturing his form of a few years ago after sitting out a full season, Sosa might bat as high as fifth. Washington said he would like to see the heart of his order include Michael Young batting third, Mark Teixeira fourth, Sosa protecting Teixeira in the fifth spot and Hank Blalock sixth.

Yeah, he’s not a lock, but I’d really like him to bat fifth. That’s, uh, a mighty jump there, Ron. I wonder if he understands that the No. 5 batter on the team is probably the best or the second best power hitter on the team. So, while Sammy’s not a lock for the team, he might be the second best power hitter on the team?

Keep dreamin’, Ronny.


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    Great, thanks for sharing this blog post.Thanks Again. Fantastic.

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