Friday Quickies

Braves acquire Craig Wilson. And the Yankees are stuck with Doug Mientkiewicz.

D’backs give Doug Davis 3 years, $22 million. Not bad for a guy who has walked nearly 4 batters per nine innings over his career (4.5 per nine last year).

Dodgers humoring Hendrickson, Tomko. This article purports there will be a fight among the two aforementioned starters and Chad Billingsley for the fifth spot in the Dodgers rotation. Lessee: two 30-plus less-than-mediocre starters, or 22-year-old with promise? Hmmm…

Twins close to signing Ramon Ortiz. Ugh. Once again, a case of a team seeking “reliable veterans” when call-ups from the minors will likely fare just as well or better. At least the rest of the linked article is worth reading (as is normal of Ken Rosenthal).

Indians sign Trot Nixon. In other news, he still can’t hit lefties a lick.


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