The government totally sucks

I don’t quite understand Congress’s burning desire to probe into steroid use by Major League Baseball players. Yes, it’s a problem; no, we don’t need the representatives of our nation looking into who did them and to what degree. After all, don’t they have more important matters to attend to?

Why the need to out the guilty, when most of the highly guilty were fringe players or retired? There was a problem; baseball made a small gesture to correct it; it was not harsh enough; baseball stepped up and made it harsher. They now have in place a strict steroid use policy, one that covers almost every aspect of abuse except for HGH, for which there exists no reliable test (yes, there’s a blood test out there, but it’s far from completely accurate, and MLBPA will never allow blood to be drawn from its constituents).

People always talk about different eras in baseball. Factors present in each era made it more or less difficult for pitchers and hitters. The late 80s and 90s are considered the steroid era. The numbers are different in that era than they are now; so are the numbers from the dead ball era; so are the numbers from the 1920s, when Babe Ruth hit more home runs than some entire teams.

Truth is, baseball is a constantly changing game that is defined by eras. The steroid era shouldn’t be embraced, necessarily, but it should be accepted as part of baseball history. Yes, Major League Baseball considered it unfair and waited too long to do something about it. But they have done something about it now, and are working to rid the game of performance enhancing drugs. What more do you want?

I guess the point is: finding out who abused steroids in the past won’t help prevent abuse in the future. What will prevent future abuse is recognition of a problem and rules to punish infractions. I think we have that right now, and are working to make the system more efficient.


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