Monday Quickies

Phils give Utley 7 years, $85 million. He’s trading a few dollars for some security, but it should work out well for both ends. And you know it’s a good deal when I don’t have a wise-ass comment to go along with it.

Rockies ink homer-prone pitcher. Dan O’Dowd doesn’t make matters easier for himself by signing former Padre Brian Lawrence. Although he doesn’t walk a lot of batters, he also doesn’t strike out many and was susceptible to the long ball in San Diego. Think about how that’s going to translate to Coors Field. Dan, you are so fired after this season.

Mystery team emerges in Ohka sweepstakes. He’s the best pitcher left on the free agent market, and probably better than Brian Lawrence. The mystery team, though, is likely a fabrication on Ohka’s agent’s part to net his client eight figures, much like Scott Boras loves to use the Yankees to ramp up the price of his better free agents.

Prior looking forward to 2007. Because, you know, he wasn’t looking forward to 2004, 2005, or 2006.


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