Weaver to the Mariners?

If this is true, I think we can officially commit Bill Bavasi. His prior pitching acquisitions this off-season, Horacio Ramirez and Miguel Batista, at least had a semblance of a theme: goundball pitchers to a solid infield defense. Batista had a groundball to flyball ratio of 1.88 last year, Ramirez 1.97. With King Felix inducing the groundball at a 2.33 ratio (which could pick up this year, given his 3.31 mark from 2005), the Mariners looked to have a plan in place.

Weaver, though, doesn’t fit that mold at all. In fact, I can’t figure out how this could have fit into any sort of logic. Weaver got trounced in the AL West last year. He doesn’t induce the groundball at an above average rate. His last two samplings in the AL were atrocious (5.99 in 2003 for the Yankees, 6.29 in his stint with Anaheim last season). His strikeout and walk rates were actually worse after signing with St. Louis, though the results were a tad better (5.18 ERA).

The worst part, though, is that the Mariners were/are likely going to get similar production out of Jake Woods. He may never be greater than a No. 4/No. 5 starter, but he’s a whole shitload cheaper than Jeff Weaver, thereby carrying considerably less risk.

All of this goes back to one prevailing idea: Bavasi hasn’t a clue. He has no clear vision on how to build a team, and until he’s gone, I can’t see the Mariners finishing higher than third in the AL West.


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  1. 1 mcgonnigle January 26, 2007 at 1:07 pm

    Which Weaver do you get? The highly motivated one that we saw in the playoffs and Woil Serious? Or the one who has 20 million in the bank and isn’t setting the world on fire? Tough gamble there.

    I think it is amazing that while 20+ million dollars will not truly motivate a guy, his little brother, opening up a can of woop WILL motivate a guy to focus and realize more of his potential. Funny how people are. This is the same guy that got raked in other places. He sure looked sharp in the postseason.

    No one seems to want to ask the question, “how much of Weaver’s output was due to working with Dave Duncan?” Duncan gets overlooked maybe (Rick Ankiel anyone?) because of Mazzone but he is often as Mazzone as Mazzone.

    Upside for the Mariners is that if a guy has proven he can play for money in October, it is generally a quality that remains with him his whole career. Perhaps he has grown up a bit and wants to make something of what’s left of his career. You don’t want your little brother showing you up now, do you? haha. –fog

    Some decent baseball on: http://mcgonnigle.wordpress.com

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