A pair of mismanaged Marlins

Maybe there’s a reason Joe Girardi was fired…

It was reported yesterday that second-year Marlins pitchers Josh Johnson and Anibal Sanchez will miss the beginning of Spring Training, each with arm soreness.

Johnson is the more infamous case of the two, and a real dent in Girardi’s resume. On September 12, Johnson started a game that was delayed by rain in the second inning. Eighty-eight minutes later, the game was ready to resume. Most managers would have a tough time letting a conditioned vet resume the start, especially so late in the season. Almost none would let a rookie take the hill. But Girardi, feeling the pressure of being just a game back in the Wild Card standings, went with Johnson, who pitched through the fifth inning.

He didn’t pitch another inning for the rest of the year. However, now he’s saying that this arm soreness has no relation to his previous injury. While I admire Johnson for not taking the easy road and blaming this all on Girardi, his current injury certainly is a result, though likely indirect, of the September 12 game.

Sanchez is a bit tougher to blame on Girardi. There is no clear cut reason for his arm soreness. However, he did throw a lot of innings for a 22-year-old. Two hundred, actually, between AA and the majors, coming after throwing only 136 as a 21-year-old in the Red Sox system.

It’s okay, though: Fredi Gonzalez, the Marlins new manager, will miss the beginning of Spring Training, too. He’s serving jury duty.


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