Team Preview Time!

Team previews run amok at this time of year, so at first it seemed pointless to run such a series on The Baseball Critic. After further consideration, though, I determined the following:

1) Most team previews are garbage.
2) I need to come up with more original material.

To demonstrate how The Baseball Critic team previews differ from the rest, here is a list of what you won’t find:

Keys to success
These are utterly pointless. They usually contain tidbits like, “if Player X stays healthy,” or “if Player Y can step up,” and an idiot on a glue-sniffing binge could come up with them.

They real keys to success: having your offense score more runs than your pitching allows. Staying healthy isn’t a key for one particular team; it’s a key for every team.

Score runs. Don’t allow runs. Those are the keys to victory.

Everything else is fair game. We’ll open tomorrow with the Houston Astros. A little preview: it won’t be pretty.


3 Responses to “Team Preview Time!”

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    You haven’t posted in a while. Where’d you go?

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